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        Vision: The most trusted company

        Constantly listen to and meet customer needs, guide and exceed customer needs, and win customer trust;By enhancing the company's position and brand image, employees have a high sense of corporate honor and pride and win the trust of employees;Promote the healthy development of the cosmetics packaging industry, grow together with partners, and win the trust of the industry;Pay attention to corporate responsibility, care for the society, give back to the society, and win the trust of the society.

        Mission: Enhance customer brand through quality assurance design, production and service

        Bringing products and services to people with beauty and safety;Pay attention to different countries and regions, and provide personalized products and services for different customers;Create an open and win-win platform, and mutual benefit and common progress with customers.

        Values: Pragmatic and realistic, hard work and enterprising

        Responsible and down-to-earth; emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts,

        Hard work, courage to take responsibility; learn with humility, pursue excellence.

        Business philosophy: customer first, quality first

        Focus on long-term development, pay attention to and deeply understand customer needs, and constantly meet customer needs with quality products and excellent service;

        Management philosophy: employees grow with the company

        Provide employees with a good working environment and incentive mechanism;Improve the employee training system and career development channel, so that employees can enjoy the happiness of growing up with the company, fully respect and trust the employees, and constantly guide and encourage them to make them happy.

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